Regional, State and National

PEC joins with partner organizations to promote thriving communities and healthy natural resources in the Shenandoah Valley, the central Piedmont, the Journey Through Hallowed Ground corridor and Northern Virginia counties. This includes work through the Virginia Conservation Network and our Coalition for Smarter Growth.

If you have any questions related to PEC’s regional, state and national policy work, or would like to partner with us, please reach out to John McCarthy at or (540) 347-2334 x7043.

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Take Action: Dominion Energy requesting a significant profit increase

Take Action: Dominion Energy requesting a significant profit increase

PEC joins with our partner organizations across the state in opposition to Dominion Energy’s request to increase their guaranteed profit from 9.2% to 10.8% …
aerial image of downtown Culpeper in the spring, during a sunset

President’s Letter – Fall 2021

The past few months have laid bare before us some of the dramatic effects of the changing climate conditions in which we live. The intense storm events, devastating floods and hot, extended summers that continue …
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PEC Study Seeks to Aid Local Meat Processors and Farmers

Aided by Virginia’s northern Piedmont climate, pasture conditions, and open space, raising beef cattle has become one of the region’s dominant agricultural land uses. Cattle farming contributes enormously to the local economy, quality of life …
aerial photo of orange county where wilderness crossing is proposed

The Trouble with Wilderness Crossing

When it comes to policies and decisions that impact communities and quality of life for their residents, the most important voices are those of community residents themselves. And since 1972, The Piedmont Environmental Council has …
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Virginia Survey Shows Support for Conservation

Over three-quarters of Virginias support investing $300 million annually to protect Virginia’s natural resources …
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Act Now to Clean up Virginia Politics

At 1 p.m. on Monday, a specially-convened committee on campaign finance reform will hold its first-ever meeting. This is your opportunity to tell legislators to enact common sense campaign finance reforms to ensure transparency and …
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New skilled meat cutter training program will help region’s meat processors serve Virginia cattle farmers

A recent study by The Piedmont Environmental Council and American Farmland Trust, spurred by pandemic-related breakdowns in national and local food supply systems, has led to the development of a new meat-cutter training program to …
virginia state capitol building sign

Virginia Should Invest in Parks, Trails and Green Space

Legislators are returning to Richmond at the request of Governor Northam in order to allocate more than $4.3 billion in federal Covid-19 relief funding. Send a letter to your state delegate and senator and ask …