Greene County

PEC serves as an asset to citizens in Greene who seek to protect this traditionally agricultural community from increasingly rapid development. 

2022 Highlights

2022 Highlights

Learn about our efforts to expand conservation and restoration efforts, empower local communities, invest in public access, and connect consumers to local farms in 2022.

Week Ahead for November 28, 2022: Greystar returns to Albemarle PC with 525-unit Old Ivy Residences; Charlottesville holding forum with police chief candidates

Time is running out on 2022 as regular schedules continue to be more difficult as the calendar comes closer and closer to the last minute of December 31. What kind of a week will this one be? This is always a good question and let’s explore it together.

Week Ahead for November 14, 2022: Fluvanna wants to know the cost of providing government services; Albemarle to learn of climate risks

We’re in the last stretch of 2022, a year that has been filled with lots of action at local government meetings. We are definitely moving closer to holiday mode with meetings shifting to avoid Thanksgiving. For instance, the Rivanna authorities meet this week instead of the fourth of the month.

Week Ahead for November 7, 2022: Greene Supervisors to consider capital projects; Zion Crossroads developer seeks more units; Major industrial zoning in Fluvanna

This time next year, I hope to be very busy preparing for Election Night coverage when local and state races will dominate the cycle. My career has always been in Virginia, where there’s an election every year. In the weeks to come, there could very well be the first announcements of who will be running. I will be here to help tell those stories.

Week Ahead for October 10, 2022: Car wash on Fifth Street in Charlottesville; Rezoning requested for Lake Anna Resort in Louisa; Albemarle PC to review 195-foot cell tower at Walnut Creek Park

Monday is a holiday, so the week starts with Tuesday. As with any week without a working Monday, that causes a very busy Tuesday. There’s a lot happening this week and here are some highlights of a week where most of the action is outside Charlottesville.

Week Ahead for October 3, 2022: Charlottesville City Council to consider collective bargaining ordinance; Albemarle Supervisors to get economic outlook; Fluvanna prepares for new Circuit Court judge

We are now in the fourth quarter of the year as measured by the calendar, or the second quarter as measured by Virginia’s fiscal year. On any given day, there are a lot of activities being conducted by public bodies and local governments. This newsletter aims to provide a weekly snapshot of what is happening, and as always, there is a lot happening.