Greene County

PEC serves as an asset to citizens in Greene who seek to protect this traditionally agricultural community from increasingly rapid development. 

Week Ahead for June 6, 2022: Albemarle panel to consider easement amendment for large structure; Charlottesville Council to be briefed on regional transit vision

What’s in a week? For me, usually that means a lot of meetings and I want to know what’s going to happen! That’s the point of this regular newsletter in a nutshell. Sometimes there are patterns and commonalities between the meetings and I hope you’ll share what you see.

Week Ahead for May 23, 2022: Design public hearing for H29 projects, including pedestrian bridge to cross an eight-lane highway; Big meeting for the future of regional transit

What does it take to build and maintain a functional civilization? There are likely many answers and many perspectives, but in this case I’m talking about physical requirements. People who live and work somewhere need to be able to get around safely, and they also need infrastructure to be in place for the essentials of being alive. What is required and who makes the decisions?

Week Ahead for May 16, 2022: Both Albemarle and Charlottesville to consider parkland acquisition; Citizen transportation group to be briefed on climate action plans

It takes about eight hours to produce this newsletter each week and when I start work I’m not sure if there will be a theme or not. Local government touches so many aspects of our lives, and when you look at all of the meetings in the Thomas Jefferson Planning District each week, patterns for each installment emerge.

Week Ahead for May 9, 2022: Charlottesville PC to review 390-bedroom building on Jefferson Park Avenue; Nelson County Supervisors to resume discussion of Ridgecrest Mobile Home Park

So far there have been 18 weeks in 2022. What significant things have happened already? This regular weekly newsletter is only concerned with what’s coming ahead ahead in the next several days, and always, there’s a lot.

Week Ahead for April 25, 2022: New reservoir for Greene County to move forward; Albemarle Supervisors to decide on athletic fields

What defines whether a week is slow or busy? After producing this newsletter for over three years, I’ve lost an ability to know for sure. I do know that in an area with nearly 250,000 people, there will always be a government meeting that will affect people’s lives.