Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative

A collaboration to support bird-friendly practices on working lands.

The Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative (VGBI) is a collaboration between The Piedmont Environmental Council, Virginia Working Landscapes, American Farmland Trust and Quail Forever focused on promoting the science-based knowledge and resources needed to manage Virginia’s private lands for grassland bird conservation. 

Visit the Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative website to learn more.

a group of about 20 stands in a farm field listening to a presenter

Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative offers financial incentives for delayed haying and summer pasture stockpiling

Now through Nov 15, 2022, the Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative (VGBI) is accepting applications for its 2023 financial incentives program.
a green field with black cows on a rainy looking day

Return of the Grassland Birds

The new Virginia (formerly Piedmont) Grassland Bird Initiative (VGBI) is showing promising signs of returning those birds to the Virginia landscape. With grant funding, the program pays farmers to adopt bird-friendly best management practices.
Woman holding adult kestrel

Video: Kestrel Banding with October Greenfield

PEC’s October Greenfield has been busy banding American Kestrels across our region to help track the movement and reproductive patterns of these beautiful falcons.
aerial view of a meandering stream through two fields in a rural landscape during autumn

Re-aligning Land and Nature at the Holden Farm in Loudoun County

In 2021, the Holdens partnered with The Piedmont Environmental Council to permanently conserve their rolling 35-acre farm just south of the historic Quaker village of Lincoln.
An American Kestrel in flight

What is the Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative?

Native grasslands have suffered the most intense impact by humans of any of North America’s terrestrial ecosystems, resulting in grassland-associated birds experiencing a steeper, more consistent decline than any other guild of birds.
a small brown bird perches on a leafy tree branch

An Introduction to Grassland Birds

PGBI Coordinator Justin Proctor shares his experience researching grassland birds.
a woman holds a fluffy baby barn owl

Meet the PGBI Staff

VGBI relies on strong local partners and interested landowners working together with knowledgeable PEC and VWL staff -- meet VGBI co-coordinators Justin and October!
a white and gray bird looks forward, clung to a tree

Winter Birding Opportunities

Wondering how you can get involved in bird conservation this winter? Community science is a great way to stay active, contribute to science and learn more about local ecology.
a bobolink eating an insect in a field of purple and yellow wildflowers

Ways to Support Grassland Birds

There are several things that you can do around your landscape that will have a positive impact on our region’s grassland birds, both migratory and resident, as well as improve biodiversity.