Map Library

The Piedmont Environmental Council uses GIS Mapping to analyze and communicate current and future land use and land conservation trends. If you have any questions related to PEC and mapping, please reach out to Watsun Randolph, our Senior GIS Analyst, at 540-347-2334 x. 7035 or at

A few recent web maps:

Check out the PEC GeoHub to view other maps and story maps created by The Piedmont Environmental Council.

PEC is a proud recipient of software grants through the Earth Science Research Institute’s (ESRI) Conservation GIS Program.

PEC uses ESRI’s ArcGIS software to produce high-quality maps and to analyze potential project impacts. This helps us convey important information to the public, partner groups and decision-makers about land use proposals, active campaigns, as well as land conservation successes and opportunities.

This grant provides PEC with up to date mapping software, skills training, and allow us to continue to innovate.

A big thank you to ESRI’s Conservation Program for their continued support of non-profit work in the Conservation field!