Loudoun Outdoors Guide

With over 10,000 acres of parks, public lands, and other natural areas, opportunities abound in Loudoun County for the outdoor enthusiast. Our print guide highlights the best parks and publicly accessible natural areas in Loudoun County for the outdoor enthusiast, especially those new to the area or with a renewed interest in getting outdoors to hike, bike, paddle, fish, or experience the county’s diverse natural and historic landscapes.

All the places identified in the guide are open to the public on a regular basis, though not all are public parks or public lands. Regardless of ownership, please be mindful of the hours of operation and other rules that should guide your visit!

PEC is also collaborating with other non-profits, citizens and local government on Emerald Ribbons, a community-based effort to create more trails and protect habitat in Loudoun.

We have a limited number of print copies of this guide available at this time, but hope to be able to print more in the future! For more information on the Loudoun Outdoors Guide or on the Emerald Ribbons initiative, contact us at loudoun@pecva.org.

The original Loudoun Outdoors Guide was produced in 2008 by PEC. The production team for this updated version includes Gem Bingol, Silas Domy, Andrea Levy, Tiffany Parker, Watsun Randolph, Marco Sanchez, Oya Simpson, Robin Cross, Bri West and Sophie Wunderlich. Print design volunteered by Alla Doroshkevych.