Albemarle County & the City of Charlottesville

The staff in PEC's Charlottesville office works with citizens to solve the many land use and conservation challenges facing the Charlottesville and Albemarle area.

Week Ahead for November 23, 2020 (Albemarle/Cville)

There has been so much going on the past two weeks that I have been unable to pay attention to any of the many webinars put together as part of the C’Ville Plans Together initiative. As a refresher, the City Council in place in February 2019 opted to hire a consultant to complete the Comprehensive Plan review while also writing an affordable housing plan. One of the major planks of the draft affordable housing plan is an annual commitment of $10 million for ten years in order to help build more affordable housing units.

Piedmont Environmental Council announces staff changes for Charlottesville and Albemarle, Culpeper, Greene and Madison counties

Piedmont Environmental Council announces staff changes for Charlottesville and Albemarle, Culpeper, Greene and Madison counties

Piedmont Environmental Council President Chris Miller is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Hawk as its Land Use Field Representative in Albemarle and Orange counties and of Adam Gillenwater as Senior Policy Manager & Land Use Field Representative in Culpeper, Madison and Green counties. Both began their new positions on October 30 and work out of PEC’s Charlottesville office.

Week Ahead for Nov 16, 2020: A Starbucks on Charlottesville’s Main Street?

Halfway through the month, but this is the last full week in what has been a very busy month. Though this Thanksgiving will be like none other we’ve ever experienced, there will still be downtime next week as government meetings slow down around the holidays. I look forward to spending my downtime catching up and documenting a lot of what I missed, outside of the news cycle.

No One is Expendable: Angie Schmitt Talks Safer Streets

Join us Monday, November 30, 5-6 p.m. for a virtual presentation by author and active-transportation advocate Angie Schmitt! Angie will discuss the ways that inequality and other social trends combine to make walking along America’s roads and streets needlessly dangerous.

Week Ahead for November 2, 2020 (Alb/Cville/Greene)

Everyone’s attention is on the national election and what will happen. This is an unprecedented and somewhat uncertain time. Yet, action at the local level does not stop. Perhaps this quick summary of what’s coming up this week in local government will give you some sense of normalcy and hope. Of course, nothing is normal anymore, not during a pandemic. There is just the need to know what’s coming up.

Week Ahead for October 26, 2020 (Alb/Cville/Greene)

The meeting I most look forward to this week is the joint meeting of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Charlottesville City Council and top officials at the University of Virginia. A year ago, the two localities agreed to dissolve a public advisory body called the Planning and Coordination Council. The PACC was created after a 1986 agreement between the three entities about how they would coordinate land use planning. The plan was to meet a year later in a joint meeting.