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PEC believes that the work of protecting natural resources and the work of building better communities are integral to each other. 

We Hope You Can Join Us

I’d like to take a minute this week to highlight three upcoming events geared towards PEC members and supporters.

March is our Membership Month, a time of year when we celebrate our current members and encourage others to join or renew! Learn more and sign up to attend!

Warrenton Residents Deserve Better than “Plan Warrenton 2040”

On March 9, 2021, the Warrenton Town Council will consider whether or not to adopt a new vision as outlined in Plan Warrenton 2040.

Over the last year, PEC has highlighted specific concerns tied to the draft plan’s emphasis on recruiting residential growth (well beyond any projected need), the lack of planning to tackle affordable housing, the inclusion of a new western bypass and missing information on water and wastewater needs, among many others. We believe these concerns need to be addressed and urge the Warrenton Town Council to redraft the plan with these issues in mind. 

Greene Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing Rescheduled for Feb 17

I wanted to give you a brief update on Greene County’s comprehensive plan review process. The planning commission’s initial public hearing was scheduled to take place a few weeks ago on January 20, but since the meeting ran long, they decided to postpone it to allow for better public participation.

The initial comprehensive plan public work session and public hearing has been rescheduled for next Wed., February 17 at 6:30 PM. It is now the first item on the planning commission’s agenda. As I mentioned in my previous email, this is a great opportunity to get an overview of the existing comprehensive plan, as well as to learn about the county’s anticipated timeline for completing the comprehensive plan review this year.

Loudoun Delays Decision on Aldie Assemblage, Sends to County Finance Committee

Loudoun Delays Decision on Aldie Assemblage, Sends to County Finance Committee

On January 13 the Board of Supervisors voted to send the entire land purchase/exchange agreement to the Finance, Government Operations and Economic Development committee. Our hope is that this committee will help clarify significant unanswered questions about Loudoun’s financial and legal responsibilities, Mojax’s appraisal for the properties in question, and other elements of the proposal that could be detrimental to the future of Aldie and its community members.

On the Ground Updates – December 2020

On the Ground Updates – December 2020

A series of short updates from around the PEC region – Albemarle & Charlottesville, Clarke, Culpeper, Fauquier, Greene, Loudoun, Madison, Orange & Rappahannock.

Standing with St. Louis…And Now Aldie

Standing with St. Louis…And Now Aldie

When a developer, Mojax LLC, bought the Howards’ ancestral land in 2017 and proposed a development of 27 homes with individual wells, the community was understandably concerned. “As a widow and a senior citizen on a budget, the development could drive up the taxes and force me to dig a new well, which I can’t afford,” said Peterson. Besides the water issues and property values, residents worried about losing the historic cemetery, undiscovered graves of enslaved people, and the cultural history of the place.

Zoning Changes Proposed in Advance of a New Warrenton Master Plan

Back in July, we told you about the Town of Warrenton rushing through a new master plan. In response to concerns raised by residents like you, the town planning commission formed a subcommittee to redraft the plan. We were heartened by the pause and have been waiting on an updated draft. However, in a truly “cart before the horse” move, the planning commission is now set to consider related (and somewhat controversial) zoning changes at a public hearing this coming Tuesday, December 15.