Sean Tubbs

Week Ahead for January 30, 2023: Two budget meetings in Charlottesville; Albemarle Supervisors to consider grant program for affordable housing

It is another one of those strange weeks that begins with a Fifth Monday that also includes a First Wednesday. There’s a rhythm to all of these meetings and an extra couple of days at the end of the month either allows for a break or allows for an extra meeting that no one anticipated.

Week Ahead for January 23, 2023: Albemarle PC to review future public safety operations center; CRHA to invest over $1.5 million in three sites

The year 2023 in local government has certainly gotten off to a fast start. There are still so many stories I will want to write from the past three weeks. This week is a little bit of a slowdown with no meetings in Fluvanna County and Louisa County. But this is a community with nearly 250,000 residents that is planning for more. Every week there’s something important going on somewhere.

Week Ahead for January 16, 2023: Charlottesville to review proposed precinct boundaries; Albemarle Supervisors to learn of microtransit progress

This week, you’ll see there are a lot of links to stories I’ve already written. Sometimes these stories have more information than what’s in a staff report or what’s in the minutes. My goal is not to compete with the various governments to get out information. Instead, my goal is to make sure as many people as possible know what’s coming up and what’s happened.

Week Ahead for January 2, 2023: Developer plans nine-story building on Ivy Road; Albemarle design panel to discuss Rio form-based code; BZA to consider developer appeal on bonus units

Another week, but a special one as it is the first of the year! For most local governments, this means the annual selection of the chair and vice chair, as well as setting new meeting rules and times. Some localities have light agendas, while others pick right back up from where the holidays left off.

Week Ahead for December 19, 2022: Two site plans being held in Charlottesville; Greene Planning Commission to review Ruckersville plan

This is the penultimate week of the year and perhaps the last edition of this newsletter for 2022. The holidays are with us and many will be taking some time off. That’s certainly the case for government meetings with many December ones having already happened.

Week Ahead for December 5, 2022: Rogers to announce new Charlottesville police chief; Albemarle Supervisors to talk capital budget with School Board

The first full week of December is a full one with perhaps twice the meetings that would usually be listed. So many changes occur with the holiday calendar, and I’m trying to prepare for the rest of the year and to get ready for what I suspect will be a very busy 2023.

Week Ahead for November 28, 2022: Greystar returns to Albemarle PC with 525-unit Old Ivy Residences; Charlottesville holding forum with police chief candidates

Time is running out on 2022 as regular schedules continue to be more difficult as the calendar comes closer and closer to the last minute of December 31. What kind of a week will this one be? This is always a good question and let’s explore it together.