Sean Tubbs

Week Ahead for September 26, 2022: Albemarle Planning Commission to review equity framework for growth management policy; Charlottesville City Council to meet with PC on zoning rewrite next steps

Somehow this week has a lot going on, as listed below. This week I’m going to keep the narrative short because I want to get this posted quickly as I’m a bit behind my schedule.

Week Ahead for September 19, 2022: Charlottesville Council to decide on permit for 119-units on JPA; Albemarle Supervisors to hold public hearing for rezoning of Southwood’s second phase

As I began to type the introductory paragraph for this week, I noticed this installment is already clocking in at over 4,000 words. With that in mind, I will be quick by just repeating what I’ve been saying this whole time: There’s a lot going on!

Week Ahead for September 6, 2022: Albemarle Supervisors to consider rezoning for 250 units on Rio Road; TJPDC planning for safer streets throughout the region

This one comes out on Labor Day, a day when local governments are closed. It’s a day off for most, and I hope you will spend some of today reviewing this newsletter with an eye toward the future. Government can seem impenetrable and hard to understand, but I spend a lot of my time working to let as many people as possible at least know what’s being discussed, decided, and deferred.

Week Ahead for August 29, 2022: Monday evening sees big land use reform meetings in both Albemarle and Charlottesville

Albemarle County will hold an in-person roundtable seeking “Big Ideas” for its Comprehensive Plan as part of phase one of a four-phase process and the advisory group that is overseeing the Cville Plans Together initiative will hold a virtual meeting, days after a Charlottesville Circuit Court judge allowed one count of a four-count lawsuit to proceed against the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Week Ahead for August 15, 2022: Albemarle group to see rezoning for 145 acres south of U.S. 29/I-64 interchange; Greene Planning Commission to continue work Comprehensive Plan review

If it were common practice to number the weeks of year, this would be the 32nd. Time moves on each week, with another set of government meetings taking the place of the ones that came before. Week by week, decisions are made and decisions are deferred. All of it adds up to the world we see around us. This newsletter seeks to help you keep track of it all.

Week Ahead for August 22, 2022: CRHA purchasing two properties in Locust Grove neighborhood; Albemarle Supervisors to begin next strategic plan

We’re in a strange time of the year, mathematically. This is the fourth week of a summer month, which often means there are few meetings. Speaking anecdotally, most meetings are held the first, second, or third weeks of the year. That means these fourth weeks are a little light on regular meetings of elected officials, but there’s plenty of time for regional bodies.

Week Ahead for August 8, 2022: Charlottesville PC to get update on zoning rewrite; Greene Supervisors to adopt water and sewer ordinance

I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and finding new efficiencies for my work. The segments this week may be a bit more brief, but I do hope many of you will review as much of this as you can. Ask questions in the comments, or drop me a line. I just may not get back to you this week.

Week Ahead for August 1, 2022: Charlottesville to review $14.8M in ARPA spending; ARB to review 81-unit building at Premier Circle

With seven months down for 2022, August has submitted an impressive entry in the Busiest First Week category in the upcoming year-end awards. There are a lot of government meetings coming up this week, and this is your source to know what’s on the agendas.

Week Ahead for July 25, 2022: Albemarle PC to review growth management feedback, consider 157-unit development in Crozet; Library board to get update on committee to consider potential renaming

We are now at the fourth week of the month again and this is another relatively slow week. But, of course, there’s barely such a thing when you start going through agendas. This newsletter is a comprehensive review for anyone with an interest in the community’s future.