Sean Tubbs

Week Ahead for March 20, 2023: New hotel planned on West Main; Regional bodies to get update on how to better run the buses; housing summit on Friday

Each week I write this report and want to write up every single item. The world is complex and my view of journalism is that there’s enough room for many accounts of what the government does at all levels. I believe better outcomes are possible if information can be made available and shared. That’s why I do this every week.

Week Ahead for March 6, 2023: Budgets to be unveiled in Charlottesville, Greene County; Albemarle to begin review of cell tower policy

The future is coming whether we like it or not. Are we prepared? In over 15 years of observing land use issues, it’s clear to me there is often a lack of information about what’s happening. This newsletter exists to provide that information. This week is a long one at over 4,500 words.

Week Ahead for February 20, 2023: Albemarle Supervisors to get first look at FY24 budget; Council to pick fifth member, hear appeal of BAR demolition permit denial

This newsletter usually comes out on a Sunday, but I took the extra time to get some more real estate research in yesterday. In addition to getting out the Charlottesville property transactions, I began work compiling ones for Albemarle.

Week Ahead for January 30, 2023: Two budget meetings in Charlottesville; Albemarle Supervisors to consider grant program for affordable housing

It is another one of those strange weeks that begins with a Fifth Monday that also includes a First Wednesday. There’s a rhythm to all of these meetings and an extra couple of days at the end of the month either allows for a break or allows for an extra meeting that no one anticipated.

Week Ahead for January 23, 2023: Albemarle PC to review future public safety operations center; CRHA to invest over $1.5 million in three sites

The year 2023 in local government has certainly gotten off to a fast start. There are still so many stories I will want to write from the past three weeks. This week is a little bit of a slowdown with no meetings in Fluvanna County and Louisa County. But this is a community with nearly 250,000 residents that is planning for more. Every week there’s something important going on somewhere.

Week Ahead for January 16, 2023: Charlottesville to review proposed precinct boundaries; Albemarle Supervisors to learn of microtransit progress

This week, you’ll see there are a lot of links to stories I’ve already written. Sometimes these stories have more information than what’s in a staff report or what’s in the minutes. My goal is not to compete with the various governments to get out information. Instead, my goal is to make sure as many people as possible know what’s coming up and what’s happened.