Sean Tubbs

Week Ahead for September 27, 2021: Greene County to consider halt to tourist lodging in most residential areas

As far as weeks ahead go, this is very much a transitional one. A new month as well as a new quarter-year begins, but we have four leftover September days to go before we get there. Very calm weeks in Fluvanna, Louisa, and Nelson counties. Read on to learn more!

Week Ahead for September 20, 2021: CRHA to brief Council on redevelopment mechanisms; Albemarle to hold meeting on Rio Corridor Plan

There was a lot of activity last week, and this week is no different. The city’s public housing agency will check in with Council about how redevelopment projects are being structured. Albemarle County will check in with the public about a corridor plan for future development on Rio Road. There are regional meetings about transit, transportation, housing, and the Rivanna River. Read on to learn the details.

Week Ahead for September 13, 2021: Several hundred new housing units are on local government agendas this week

After a couple of quiet weeks, this is a big one for future land use issues in the greater Charlottesville area. This newsletter should give you everything you need to join in and get access to the primary sources. There are so many connections between all that’s happening.

Week Ahead for August 30, 2021: Charlottesville PC to review adjustments to draft Future Land Use Map; Albemarle not on track to meet 2030 emission reduction goals

This is another week split across two months, making it hard to gauge what kind of week it will actually be. Two days in August, then three days in September. Labor Day is a week away, but the Albemarle Board of Supervisors keeps us from a restful week with their first meeting of the month on Wednesday. The two meetings related to the Cville Plans Together initiative really push this week towards the busier side of the spectrum.

Week Ahead for August 23, 2021: Charlottesville PC to review two Piedmont Housing plans for Park Street; Nelson County PC to review Comprehensive Plan

On the face of it, the fourth and final full week of August seems to be a quiet one. Despite the heat, autumn is in the air and the sun fades earlier and earlier on the long march to the equinox. Public school is starting and Labor Day is two weeks away. Who wants to think about local government? I’m betting that you do, and welcome you to this installment of the Week Ahead newsletter.

Week Ahead for August 16, 2021: Albemarle to review homestay rules; Fluvanna to consider increasing by-right density in R-4 zones

Every week, I spend several hours going through the agenda of every public meeting agenda in the Charlottesville area in order to produce this report. Like every other spot on the globe, this area faces challenges in a changing world where uncertainty is seemingly the only constant. I am aware that many of these topics may seem small at first glance. But I do this work to try to help us all achieve a better place.

Week Ahead for August 9, 2021: Community meetings for two Piedmont Housing projects; Nelson BOS to consider funding for Nelson Heritage Community Center

There are 19 items in today’s installment, and I have a lot more to go through for future editions of Charlottesville Community Engagement. I do not take it lightly when I say I felt a calling to get back to doing this work when I made the leap of faith to be an independent journalist again. Nothing makes me more easy than taking time off!

Week Ahead for August 2, 2021: City Council recommended to keep meetings virtual for now; TJPDC to adopt regional housing plan

Somehow we find ourselves more than half of the way through 2021, a year in which the pandemic still permeates so much of our lives. Rising numbers of cases in Virginia have many thinking more cautiously about the near future. For instance, Charlottesville City Council will get details about a staff recommendation to not proceed with a once-considered plan to return to normal after Labor Day.