Sean Tubbs

Week Ahead for May 1, 2023: Charlottesville City Council to retroactively amend COVID-era rules due to concerns about recent Virginia Supreme Court ruling

We are now one third of the way through the year as measured by months. So far it’s been quite the eventful year. May is Older Americans Month and this next one is Public Service Recognition Week. Elected bodies will have proclamations. So, it’s a fairly normal week.

Week Ahead for April 17, 2023: Public hearing Wednesday in Albemarle for grant program for affordable housing; Council to finalize $5 million for CRHA purchase of 84 units

In this installment, I draw your attention to the many links to Information Charlottesville that contain links to stories I’ve written in the past several years. Most come from the regular edition of this newsletter, which exists to increase awareness of what’s coming up at local meetings and to write down a lot of what has happened. 

Week Ahead for April 3, 2023: Large solar project to go before Albemarle Supervisors; Charlottesville City Council to consider $5M grant to CRHA for Dogwood Properties

This is one of those weeks where being a single-person information provider hits against the harsh reality of also being a human being and family member. I had to attend to other business on Sunday, when this newsletter is usually put together. The end of that era has now approached, so I am hopeful to get back to my usual routine shortly.

Week Ahead for March 27, 2023: CRHA purchasing dozens of properties from Dogwood Housing; Greene County Supervisors to review Comprehensive Plan

This may be a more quiet week than usual, which is probably a good thing as so much has happened this month already and a nice break would be very beneficial. This week closes out the third month of 2023, a year that seems to be one of transition in a community that has grown so much and is poised to grow more.

Week Ahead for March 20, 2023: New hotel planned on West Main; Regional bodies to get update on how to better run the buses; housing summit on Friday

Each week I write this report and want to write up every single item. The world is complex and my view of journalism is that there’s enough room for many accounts of what the government does at all levels. I believe better outcomes are possible if information can be made available and shared. That’s why I do this every week.