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Find out more about what we are tracking during Virginia’s annual legislative session.

What Does 2021 Hold for Conservation?

The 2020 Special Session, focused on resolving budget issues stemming from Covid and addressing police and criminal justice reform, has ended just in time for the holidays. But as in the movie Groundhog Day, now we prepare to do it all over again. Virginia’s 2021 legislative session opens on Jan 13 and will prove no less challenging than the special session. At this moment, details are still fluid, but here is what we know.

General Assembly Special Session Update

General Assembly Special Session Update

Beginning on Aug 18, the Virginia General Assembly entered a special session to focus on budget impacts related to the pandemic and calls for criminal justice and policing reforms as local and national unrest continued following the death of George Floyd. At the time of this writing, session is ongoing and many questions remain on the shape of the final budget and some of the legislative initiatives. Legislators intend to wrap up their work before the end of September.

Take Action: Ask Your Delegate to Oppose SB 5106

-August 2020 General Assembly Special Session-

PEC is asking that you contact your Delegate and request that they oppose Senate Bill 5106. This legislation would extend the sunset date for various local land use approvals (plats, rezonings, special use permits and exceptions, etc.) that were valid as of July 1, 2020 for another 2 years (until at least July 1, 2022).

So Many Bills, So Little Time

It is March, a time when most people eagerly await the end of winter and embrace the first signs of spring. For me, the spring also marks the end of long days and nights spent walking the halls and occupying committee rooms in Richmond. The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session concluded on March 12, and by the time you read this, we will all be awaiting Governor Northam’s response to the legislation and budget passed by both houses.

Crossover Update

Wednesday marked the halfway point of Virginia’s 2020 General Assembly Session, a date known as ‘crossover.’ The House and Senate have each finished voting on the bills their members put forward, and now move on to consider legislation passed by the other body. While much legislating is left to be done, this is always a good time to provide an update about where various pieces of legislation stand.