Adam Gillenwater

Important Comp Plan Chapters Up for Discussion in Greene

Important Comp Plan Chapters Up for Discussion in Greene

I hope this finds you well and looking forward to a fast-approaching spring! As we move deeper into 2021, I am writing to highlight another opportunity to learn about and engage with the ongoing review of Greene County’s comprehensive plan.

As I wrote earlier this year, Greene County is currently undertaking a review of its comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan is a critically important document that represents the community’s vision for its future and guides all decisions and regulations regarding growth and development.

Greene Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing Rescheduled for Feb 17

I wanted to give you a brief update on Greene County’s comprehensive plan review process. The planning commission’s initial public hearing was scheduled to take place a few weeks ago on January 20, but since the meeting ran long, they decided to postpone it to allow for better public participation.

The initial comprehensive plan public work session and public hearing has been rescheduled for next Wed., February 17 at 6:30 PM. It is now the first item on the planning commission’s agenda. As I mentioned in my previous email, this is a great opportunity to get an overview of the existing comprehensive plan, as well as to learn about the county’s anticipated timeline for completing the comprehensive plan review this year.