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Whether you live in urban, suburban or rural areas, you can make a positive impact on native plants and wildlife. Help us boost biodiversity, productivity and environmental quality across the Piedmont.

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Aerial view of prescribed burn at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook

Video: Prescribed Burn at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook

As part of our habitat management efforts at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook near Sky Meadows State Park, the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) conducted a prescribed burn on four acres of our native warm-season grass …
Headshot of Dr. Sam Ahdoot

Conservation Easement Stories: Dr. Sam Ahdoot

Dr. Sam Ahdoot placed her land in Rappahannock County under a conservation easement with The Piedmont Environmental Council in 2019. The easement was designed to have many public benefits, including the protection of clean water, …
Working Together for Clean Water and the Brook Trout
a white and gray bird looks forward, clung to a tree

Winter Birding Opportunities

Wondering how you can get involved in bird conservation this winter? Community science is a great way to stay active, contribute to science and learn more about local ecology …
green leafy, thorny vines climbing a tree

Greenbrier – Friend or Foe?

Thorny, twisting, catching, sharp. These words, and other more colorful ones, are often used to describe common greenbrier (Smilax rotundifolia), a familiar early successional and understory plant …
a hand holding small orange fruit

Fall’s Favorite Fruit: Persimmon

While walking outside this afternoon, I noticed the tree branches along my fence row were uncharacteristically low. A quick walk over revealed that our persimmon trees are producing fruit, and a lot of it! …