Historic & Scenic Landscapes

Virginia’s Piedmont is a unique place for residents and visitors alike, with its exceptional natural resources, productive farms and forests, and a landscape steeped in history.

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Waterloo Bridge re-opened

The Long Road to Waterloo Bridge

When I saw “replacement” of the circa 1878 Waterloo Bridge—the oldest metal truss bridge still in service in Virginia at the time—on the Fauquier County Transportation Committee agenda back in October 2013, I knew exactly …
aerial shot from Bull Run Mountains

History at the Top of Bull Run Mountain

Stretching 15 miles from the village of Aldie in Loudoun County south to New Baltimore in Fauquier County, the Bull Run Mountains have stories to tell. The mountain range is home to 10 unique plant, …
Earl Hawkins and family stand in front of old chimney

Honoring the Sacrifice Made for a Park We Love

Long before Shenandoah National Park was established in 1935, generations of people pushed up into the Blue Ridge Mountains and called them home. Houses dotted the hillsides and hollows, churches and schools served the population, …
drone image of St. Louis

Historic Howard Property in St. Louis

This property was one of the earliest acquisitions of land in the present day village of St. Louis, having been purchased by members of the Howard Family (and related families), believed to be former slaves …
Judy Mahanes looks at headstone

Against All Odds: Re-Discovering Walker Cobler and His Legacy

“…the presence of an African American cemetery here is uncovering a largely forgotten history that will change the way we think about the African American legacy in Madison County.” …
photo collage: Weyanoke, old map of the Chesapeake, tion of Virginia Indian shell gorgets, headstone, old school

Action Alert: Righting a Wrong – Help Bring Untold Histories to Light

Preserving historic resources is crucial to understanding our nation’s history. However, historic resources related to African-American and indigenous communities are woefully underrepresented in Virginia’s state database. This has resulted in important resources being overlooked or …
jordan river bridge in rappahannock county

Jordan River Bridge Under Threat

In December, VDOT and the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors approved the replacement project, despite local residents’ outcry of support for rehabilitation of this historical community treasure …
waterloo bridge installation

VDOT Contractor Installs Rehabilitated Waterloo Bridge

Exciting news! On Nov 5, 2020 the rehabilitated Waterloo Bridge was placed back onto its stone abutments. Read More …
Rappahannock family pre Shenandoah National Park formation

Creating a Digital Record – The Formation of Shenandoah National Park

Read about an effort to digitize the thousands of legal documents related to the condemnation of private land within eight counties for the creation of the Shenandoah National Park. The goal is to make all …