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The Virginia General Assembly meets annually, beginning on the second Wednesday in January, for 60 days in even-numbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years, with an option to extend annual sessions for a maximum of 30 days. Because the General Assembly moves very fast, PEC tracks a number of bills and provides comments throughout each session. Please sign up for our email alerts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for the most recent updates.

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A few past General Assembly highlights:

  • 2022: PEC worked with Del. Michael Webert to secure the unanimous passage of HB996, a bill that helps prevent the loss of family farms and forest land by ensuring eligible landowners can participate in Virginia’s use-value taxation program. HB996 specifically addresses an issue in existing law that keeps many heirs’ property owners from being able to participate. It took effect July 1, 2022.
  • 2022: PEC was a lead advocate for SB158 / HB 141, which established the Virginia Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Preservation Fund. This state grant program, allocated five million dollars in its first year, is intended to help preserve and interpret historic structures, cultural landscapes and archeological sites important to underrepresented communities and tribal nations. The application process should launch spring or summer of 2023.
  • 2022: HB206, also sponsored by Del. Michael Webert, addresses a lack of mitigation standards for significant adverse impacts on forested lands and prime agricultural soils when utility-scale solar projects are developed. HB206 established a workgroup, which on Dec. 1 presented a 717-page document discussing 41 proposals for new definitions and processes for implementing regulations. DEQ is looking to reconvene the body to continue its work in 2023.
  • 2021: Good news! HJ 527, a study resolution we helped draft related to the sale of invasive plants, has passed the house and senate and is on its way to the governor’s desk.
  • 2021: More good news! Our priority land conservation legislation, HB 1760 / SB 1199, which preserves the integrity of all existing conservation easements has passed and is on its way to the governor’s desk.
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Action Alert: Righting a Wrong – Help Bring Untold Histories to Light

Preserving historic resources is crucial to understanding our nation’s history. However, historic resources related to African-American and indigenous communities are woefully underrepresented in Virginia’s state database. This has resulted in important resources being overlooked or …
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Action Alert: Protecting Farmland Now and For the Future

Farmland lost is farmland lost forever. Budget amendment 97 #2h (Gooditis) would provide an additional $2 million to the Farmland Preservation Fund grant program (current funding is only $250,000), providing much-needed matching funds and encouraging …
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Support SB 1199 and Reject the Proposed Floor Substitute

Good news! On Tuesday, January 26, Senator Stuart’s attempt at a floor substitute for SB 1199 was defeated. This allowed the bill that came out of full committee to proceed to a floor vote. On …
aerial image of farmland in the goose creek watershed

Take Action in Support of Land Conservation Legislation

Ask your elected officials to support bipartisan legislation that would strengthen conservation easements – HB 1760 and SB 1199 …
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Action Alert: Study on the Sale of Invasive Plants in Virginia

Contact your legislators now and ask them to vote for legislation which will help guide Virginia in controlling the sale of invasive plants …
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Virginia’s Virtual General Assembly Session Kicks Off January 13

A shortened, fast-moving General Assembly session makes your voice all the more critical.Read more …
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What Does 2021 Hold for Conservation?

What Does 2021 Hold for Conservation?

The 2020 Special Session, focused on resolving budget issues stemming from Covid and addressing police and criminal justice reform, has ended just in time for the holidays. But as in the movie Groundhog Day, now …
Webinar: Keeping Land in the Family

Webinar: Keeping Land in the Family

Learn more about the new Heirs’ Property Act in Virginia and what it means for families who share ownership of land or have inherited land without a will …
Support Conservation Funding and Programs

Support Conservation Funding and Programs

Thank legislators for supporting VLCF funding and remind them of the importance of all of our state conservation programs in 2021. Learn More & Take Action …
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General Assembly Special Session Update

Beginning on Aug 18, the Virginia General Assembly entered a special session to focus on budget impacts related to the pandemic and calls for criminal justice and policing reforms as local and national unrest continued …