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The Virginia General Assembly meets annually, beginning on the second Wednesday in January, for 60 days in even-numbered years and 30 days in odd-numbered years, with an option to extend annual sessions for a maximum of 30 days. Because the General Assembly moves very fast, PEC tracks a number of bills and provides comments throughout each session. Please sign up for our email alerts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the most recent updates.

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Tracked Bills

Legislative Updates

aerial image of valley of conserved land

2022-2024 Virginia Budget Priorities

The 2022-2024 biennium budget is an opportunity to make historic investments in the preservation and enjoyment of Virginia’s natural lands …
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HB 206 – Getting Solar Siting Right

HB 206 was a bipartisan bill to improve the utility-scale solar permitting process in Virginia …
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Your Action Needed on a Few Good Bills

Three bills that need your advocacy this week, plus more to pay attention to as the General Assembly session continues …
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photo of cell tower with forests and mountains in background

SB 255: A Sweetheart Deal for Big Telecom

If passed, Senate Bill 255 would effectively prevent localities from denying cell tower proposals under 150 feet in height, making it extremely difficult to protect important cultural, scenic and environmental resources …
image of a green lawn with a large white building

Eyes Turn Toward Richmond: What To Expect This Session

Beyond the biennial budget bill, where PEC plans to help lead the charge for increased and dedicated funding for natural resource preservation, there are a few key issue areas we’ll be watching closely over the …
2022 General Assembly Preview

2022 General Assembly Preview

The results of November’s general election means that Virginia will head into the 2022 General Assembly session with interesting challenges and opportunities across the levers of state government …
virginia state capitol building sign

Virginia Should Invest in Parks, Trails and Green Space

Legislators are returning to Richmond at the request of Governor Northam in order to allocate more than $4.3 billion in federal Covid-19 relief funding. Send a letter to your state delegate and senator and ask …
conservation easement sb1199 hb1760 banner aerial image of potomac river

Conservation Community Celebrates Passage of Bipartisan Easement Legislation

Governor Northam has signed into law important legislation preserving the integrity of conservation easements throughout Virginia. Read More …
2021 General Assembly Update

2021 General Assembly Update

The last six months has been a whirlwind of legislative action. The 2020 special session extended into mid-October, creating a mad scramble at its conclusion to prepare for the 2021 regular session. PEC was busy …