Energy Matters

PEC is working to support an energy system that is smarter, more efficient and better accounts for the negative externalities arising from the choices we make about energy consumption, generation, transmission and distribution.

We are advocating for a more distributed system that is less reliant on distant generating sources and incorporates a mix of local renewable power — customer owned, community based and utility scale. Recognizing Virginia is in the early stages of its energy transition, we believe now is the time to reimagine and rebuild our energy system in a way that is just and fair to all residents and ratepayers.

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It’s Not Just for Homeowners

The ten energy efficiency improvements outlined on our website make sense for more than just homeowners …
Dial it Back a Notch

Dial it Back a Notch

Your appliances are wonderful modern conveniences — however for the average Virginia household there are significant energy costs. You can save 10% or more on these costs through two easy steps, without any appreciable effect …
Furnace Air Filter Video

Go With the (Air) Flow

Periodically replacing your air filter will significantly improve your heating and cooling system’s performance. When the filter is dirty, the fan uses more energy to force the air through. When the filter gets too clogged, …

Defeat Drafts

The outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors and floor make up the “thermal envelope” of your house. Any gaps or holes in this envelope allow the conditioned or heated air inside your house to escape. When …
Solarize Piedmont 2021 campaign available in ten different localities

Solarize Piedmont 2021 campaign available in ten different localities

The Solarize Piedmont program is back through June 30 and available to homeowners and business owners in Albemarle, Clarke, Culpeper, Fauquier, Greene, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock counties, and the City of Charlottesville. Solarize Piedmont …
Sign Up For Solarize Piedmont

Sign Up For Solarize Piedmont

Get started by filling out our online form to get a free assessment to determine if your home is a good candidate for solar. There is absolutely no commitment until, and if, you sign a …
2021 General Assembly Update

2021 General Assembly Update

The last six months has been a whirlwind of legislative action. The 2020 special session extended into mid-October, creating a mad scramble at its conclusion to prepare for the 2021 regular session. PEC was busy …
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Webinar: Solarize Piedmont Intro + Q&A with Installers

Staff from PEC and the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) held a webinar on August 18, 2020 to give an introduction to the Solarize Piedmont campaign. We were also joined by the 2020 Solarize Piedmont …
How It Works: Step-by-Step Process

How It Works: Step-by-Step Process

Here’s how to participate in Solarize Piedmont in six easy steps …
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Solarize Piedmont Back for a 2020 Campaign

Interested in going solar? We’re excited to announce that Solarize Piedmont, our joint campaign with the Local Energy Alliance Program, is back through the end of the summer. If you’ve been curious about getting a …