It’s Not Just for Homeowners

The ten energy efficiency improvements outlined on our website make sense for more than just homeowners:


You can change to more efficient light bulbs, use power strips, switch to warm and cold water washing, and open and close your blinds, for example, and can discuss additional changes with your landlord.


By increasing energy efficiency, you can make your home or apartments more attractive to potential renters. You’re also eligible for many of the tax credits and energy efficiency incentives that are available to reduce the costs of making improvements.


Whether you rent the space or own it, where else can you quickly and cost-effectively reduce your operating costs by 20 percent? Some of the improvements can be even more beneficial — more efficient lighting and setback thermostats for offices that are not occupied in the evenings or on weekends, for example.

Factories, schools, churches, government buildings, etc:

Any place that heats, cools, uses hot water, has electronics and appliances, and pays a utility bill can benefit from implementing the ten energy efficiency improvements outlined on our EnergySmart Solutions website.