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PEC is proud to join other local groups and interested citizens in successful efforts to protect the magnificent natural and cultural heritage of Rappahannock County.

Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance Dissolves

Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance Dissolves

Text from our Dec 2014 Member Newsletter: The Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance (RCCA) is planning to finalize the process of dis­solving itself as an organization and transfer its assets to the Piedmont Foundation this month …
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Protecting the Jordan – A Community Effort

When James and Karen Allen placed their Flint Hill property under a conservation easement this August, they protected over 100 beautiful acres of scenic open space and viable farmland; over 4,000 feet of the Jordan …
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Building Fences for Cleaner Streams

Farmers are using a unique incentive program coordinated by PEC to substantially expand water quality protections in our region. The program helps cover their costs for fencing livestock out of streams …