Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance Dissolves

The Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance (RCCA) is planning to finalize the process of dis­solving itself as an organization and transfer its assets to the Piedmont Foundation this month. Those funds are designated for PEC’s Kresber Fund, which supports a variety of conservation efforts in Rappahannock County. A portion of the funds contributed by RCCA are prioritized for the Farmland Preservation Program.

RCCA was founded in 1999 and had the mission of ensuring “that Rappahan­nock County remains a scenic, rural community by promot­ing conservation easements and farmland preservation.” PEC is excited to have two RCCA board members, Jen­nifer Aldrich and Ralph Bates, now serving on the Krebser Fund board. Gary Light, one of RCCA’s founding board members, also serves on the Krebser Fund advisory board.