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PEC stands with citizens to build excellent communities, relieve taxes and traffic, and protect open space in Loudoun. We work to maintain a balance between the towns and villages, the suburbs, and the country so residents can enjoy all the places that make Loudoun unique.

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Action Alert: Board of Supervisors to Consider Loudoun 2040

On Tuesday, March 26, the Loudoun Planning Commission voted to send the draft Comprehensive Plan (a.k.a. Loudoun 2040) to the Board of Supervisors for review and action. Up until now, voices advocating for more residential …

On the Ground — Spring 2019

Updates from around the PEC region, organized by county. Albemarle: Housing and Connectivity. Clarke: Water Quality and Conservation Luncheon. Culpeper: White Farm Conserved and PDR Program. Fauquier: Transportation Fixes and New Cell Tower Regulations. Greene: …

An Update on Loudoun2040 + Upcoming Community Meetings

It’s been 18 months since the official start of the Loudoun Comprehensive Plan review and it’s been an interesting journey. Hopefully you were able to read my blog post from this past November, or caught …
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Common Space for the Greater Good

Over 60 percent of Loudoun residents, live in a Homeowners Association-controlled community. How these communities manage their landscapes can have a profound effect on the health of our local ecosystems, wildlife, streams and drinking water …
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Protecting the Goose Creek Watershed

Protecting the Goose Creek Watershed

PEC was recently awarded a $15,600 grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment to further our work identifying and prioritizing opportunities to implement agricultural best management practices (BMPs) and strengthen efforts on land protected by conservation …

On the Ground — Winter 2018

Updates from the around the PEC region, organized by county. Albemarle: Strengthening growth management in Albemarle. Clarke: Promoting and celebrating Conservation. Culpeper: A Finger on the Scale for Solar. Fauquier: Updated Plans, Remington Walks and …
Draft Envision Loudoun 2040 Plan

Draft Envision Loudoun 2040 Plan

Counting down the days…No, I’m not talking about Tuesday’s national elections! Next Wednesday, November 7, is also an important opportunity for civic participation, because the Loudoun Planning Commission is holding a public hearing on the …

Loudoun HOA communities share and discover practical steps for healthier landscaping

The second Homeowners Association (HOA) forum, “Common Space for the Greater Good,” was held on October 11, 2018 and attended by nearly 100 guests representing 33 HOA communities. “Practical Steps for Healthier Landscapes” was the …
What's Your Vision for Rt. 15 from Leesburg to the Potomac?

What’s Your Vision for Rt. 15 from Leesburg to the Potomac?

Loudoun County has been studying alternatives for the future of Route 15, and while they’ve said they want to preserve the historic and rural character of the road, new county documents show their intent is …
Learning from Loudoun’s Route 50 Traffic Calming Project, a National Model

Learning from Loudoun’s Route 50 Traffic Calming Project, a National Model

This paper was prepared by Ian Lockwood, PE, of the Toole Design Group, for the Catoctin Coalition, Journey Through Hallowed Ground, Piedmont Environmental Council, Coalition for Smarter Growth, and Southern Environmental Law Center. In it, …