Week Ahead for September 6, 2022: Albemarle Supervisors to consider rezoning for 250 units on Rio Road; TJPDC planning for safer streets throughout the region

This one comes out on Labor Day, a day when local governments are closed. It’s a day off for most, and I hope you will spend some of today reviewing this newsletter with an eye toward the future. Government can seem impenetrable and hard to understand, but I spend a lot of my time working to let as many people as possible at least know what’s being discussed, decided, and deferred.

Looking back on fall.

Looking back on fall.

The leaves have fallen and Thanksgiving’s in the rearview mirror, so it seems like as good a time as any to look back on an incredibly beautiful fall here in the northern Piedmont. As PEC’s staff photographer and videographer, I get to travel around to the most beautiful places in our region to make images. Looking back through my catalog from the past few months, there are a few photos that stand out that I want to share with you.

July at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook

The native flower meadow our Piedmont Memorial Overlook property is almost at peak bloom!

This 50-acre property, which has one of the best views in Northern Virginia, is publicly accessible via Sky Meadows State Park. It’s a one-way 1.6-mile hike there via the Ambassador Whitehouse Trail, but many people make it a 4.6-mile loop that includes a stretch of the Appalachian Trail.