Albemarle County Community Surveys 1994-2023 Report

The purpose of this research report is to provide a detailed review of community surveys conducted in Albemarle County, Virginia, from 1994 to the present. Specific focus is on survey responses related to the environment, growth management, natural resources, preservation, and rural areas. In addition, the topics of mobility, parks and recreation, and connectivity are outlined and presented.

The surveys reviewed in this report have historically played a crucial role in shaping strategic plans and comprehensive plans in Albemarle County. The results of our findings identify a longstanding and consistently high commitment to growth management policy, preservation of natural resources, and protection of rural area character. Albemarle community members have consistently expressed favorable attitudes toward topics of the environment. Furthermore, respondents support these commitments through existing community services and programs by an overwhelming margin, even indicating a willingness for increased taxes to fund these priorities.

Throughout the current comprehensive plan update process, community members have maintained a focus on natural resource preservation and access, rural area character, and multimodal transportation. The results of our analysis further underscore the priority Albemarle County residents have overwhelmingly given to policies tied to the environment, preservation and smart growth for nearly 30 years. In this time, Albemarle County residents have given high value to policies pertaining to the environment and preservation, access to nature and recreation reinforcing the pivotal role these themes play in the community’s ethos and direction.

Folder Containing Past Surveys