Clarke County Land Conservation Fund

On April 21, 2006, the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) established a new revolving fund to protect and preserve the rural lands of Clarke County. This fund was dubbed the Clarke County Land Conservation Fund (the “Clarke Fund”) and was set up to protect at-risk natural, agricultural, historical and scenic resources.

Cows, Not Condos

Bev McKay's family has been farming the land that he just protected in Clarke County for over 200 years. Mr. McKay raises dairy cattle on the property, as well as crops, such as corn and barley, to feed the cows.

The land is good for farming, with gently rolling fields and rich loam soils. Because of its value as productive farmland, the USDA and PEC worked together to purchase an easement on 103 acres, over half of which are prime agricultural soils.