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On the Ground

On the Ground

PEC has been hard at work in many areas these last few months. Read a brief story from each of our 9 counties …
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Coal-By-Wire Transmission Line: DEFEATED

Coal-By-Wire Transmission Line: DEFEATED

For six years, the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH)—a massive, unnecessary 765-kV transmission line— has threatened Virginia. The line was to start in southwest West Virginia, travel northeast through previously undisturbed land, eventually cross through …
Gov. McDonnell's Uranium Mining Group: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Gov. McDonnell’s Uranium Mining Group: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In 2007, Virginia Uranium, LLC, (VUI) began lobbying hard for the General Assembly’s standing moratorium on uranium mining and milling to be lifted. The corporation has big plans to start a mining and milling operation …
Charlottesville Western Bypass: Not just a local issue

Charlottesville Western Bypass: Not just a local issue

In June 2011, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors shocked constituents by holding an unpublicized, late-night vote to resurrect the Route 29 Western Bypass, northwest of Charlottesville. Since then, VDOT—under pressure from political interests in …
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Changing Perspectives: My time as a PEC Fellow

PEC’s Fellowship Program, which just finished its sixth year, gives college and graduate students a comprehensive look at the work PEC does in this region—with the hope that the participants will take what they learn …
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Wine pour

Farm Wineries in the Piedmont: Finding the right balance

Over the past year, there has been an increasingly heated debate over whether and how local governments should regulate the entertainment activities of farm wineries in Virginia. This is a multifaceted issue with multiple interests …
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Hike Revisits Life in the Mountains

In the foothills of Greene County, on May 5, the woods were brilliant with lush spring growth. A gravel road led up and up into the hills; eventually it would end at the border of …
Cedar Waxwing eating mulberries

How Plants Fly

As my mother and I pulled up at the Jones Nature Preserve in Rappahannock, a brilliant bird dipped through the air—a rich tropical blue on delicate wings. They came in this week, Bruce Jones told …
On the Ground Conservation

On the Ground Conservation

PEC thanks everyone who protected their land in 2011—preserving the Piedmont’s natural heritage for generations to come. Read a brief story from each of our 9 counties …
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Making a Comeback

When Bill Sanford was a boy on Arrowpoint Farm in Madison County, at the confluence of the Robinson and the Rapidan Rivers, the fields were full of bobwhite quail. He could go out after school, …