Albemarle Climate Action

Climate change is happening now, and experts and the science tells us that we should expect it to intensify in the coming years and decades. The time has come for Albemarle County to prepare for the dramatic shifts in temperature, precipitation, and seasonal patterns that climate change is bringing to our region. These changes impact the things we care about and that characterize Albemarle, including our communities, economy, and environment.

Report Shines Light on Local Risks From Climate Change

In 2020, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors crafted and adopted the first phase of its Climate Action Plan. In 2022, Albemarle County partnered with The Piedmont Environmental Council, Resilient Virginia, climate modeling engineering firm Sobis, and Richmond-based marketing firm Green Fin Studio to analyze the risks and vulnerabilities of climate changes within Albemarle County. The study examines extreme heat, drought, flooding, fire, disease and pestilence, and the intersections of all of these hazards. It also views their impacts through the lens of people, the natural environment, our built environment and the economy.

Preparing for resilience cover page

Preparing for Resilience – An Overview of Albemarle County Climate Change Impacts

This summary document presents key highlights from the Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment. It walks you through current conditions and coming changes, so that you are well prepared to join the conversation around planning for Albemarle County’s future.

June 2022. Prepared by Green Fin Studio.


Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Based on an extensive review of the best available science, modeling, and data analysis, this assessment identifies which natural hazards exacerbated by climate change will affect our region, who and what in our community will be most exposed to these hazards, and where there is greater vulnerability to adverse impacts.

June 2022. Albemarle County, Sobis Inc., Resilient Virginia and The Piedmont Environmental Council.

What’s at Risk Locally? View the StoryMap

We are already feeling the effects of climate change in Albemarle County and the local impacts are expected to intensify in the coming years. View this online StoryMap to take a closer look at the findings of the Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for Albemarle County released in 2022.

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Joining the Climate Conversation

The climate is changing across the Virginia Piedmont, and Albemarle County is taking a lead with bold steps to plan for those changes …
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Piedmont Environmental Council and Albemarle County Team Up to Share Latest Information on Expected Local Risks from Climate Change

In partnership with Albemarle County, The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) has developed a series of tools to help residents learn more about the local risks associated with climate change …
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Albemarle Climate Action Videos

The following video interviews with local residents and experts will introduce you to the #ClimateConversation happening in Albemarle and arm you with the knowledge you need to take action in your community …
Briefing Paper: Resources for Climate Action Planning in Albemarle County

Briefing Paper: Resources for Climate Action Planning in Albemarle County

This climate action planning brief was prepared for The Piedmont Environmental Council Albemarle County board and represents insights provided by a variety of resource specialists. The goal of the paper is to provide context for …
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Albemarle County Adopts Climate Action Plan

On October 7, 2020, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt its draft Climate Action Plan …