Data Center Development Threatens Rural Crescent

from left to right, aerial image of Prince William County, image of rural crescent sign, aerial image of a data center in Loudoun County
Photo credit (left to right): Will Parsons/Chesapeake Bay Program, Sophia Chapin/PEC, Hugh Kenny/PEC

Prince William County is considering expanding its data center zoning overlay into the western portion of the county known as the Rural Crescent. If the proposed changes are approved by the Board of Supervisors, it will be one of the biggest land use shifts for western Prince William County in decades, with data center development threatening our national parks—Prince William Forest Park and the Manassas National Battlefield Park—and the integrity of the entire area.

As a part of our 2021 Fellowship program, fellow Anélyse Regelbrugge and mentors Julie Bolthouse, Hugh Kenny, Gem Bingol, and Watsun Randolph created a StoryMap to provide background on this important issue. Check it out to learn more! View the StoryMap fullscreen >>