2021 PEC Fellows conclude summer of learning

This summer PEC held its 15th annual fellowship program. From June 7 through July 23, fourteen fellows joined PEC online to learn about conservation, urban planning, agriculture, historic preservation, public policy, and many other skills relevant to work in the environmental nonprofit sector.

15 people on a Google Meet video teleconferencing screen.
2021 PEC Fellows on Google Meet.

The program includes lectures by PEC staff and partners, readings and assignments, and three weeks primarily dedicated to an intensive practicum project. Usually held in-person, this year the Covid-19 pandemic called for a completely virtual format.

In the practicum portion of the fellowship, each fellow works with staff members to engage in a research area of their choice and practice their communication skills. At the culmination of the program, the fellows present their work to PEC staff and the board of directors.

PEC 2021 Fellows and Practicums

portrait of Julia Rankin
Julia Rankin
portrait of Sam Grossman
Samantha Grossman

Julia Rankin and Samantha Grossman

Landscapes of Memory: Documenting and Preserving Community and Family Cemeteries in the Virginia Piedmont (survey)

Mentor: Kristie Kendall

portrait of Lauren Hutchison
Lauren Hutchison
portrait of Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor and Lauren Hutchison

Invasives in Your Yard: A Homeowners Guide to Invasive Plants (website articles)

Mentors: Gem Bingol, Julie Bolthouse, Marco Sanchez, and Sophia Chapin

portrait of Annie Price
Annie Price
portrait of Alberto Della Torre
Alberto Della Torre

Alberto Della Torre and Annie Price 

Campaigning for BRT: Route 7 and Sustainable Equity (StoryMap)

Mentors: Stewart Schwartz and Douglas Stewart

portrait of Anelyse Regelbrugge
Anélyse Regelbrugge

Anélyse Regelbrugge

The Threat of Data Center Development in PWC’s Rural Crescent (StoryMap)

Mentors: Julie Bolthouse, Hugh Kenny, Gem Bingol, and Watsun Randolph

portrait of Diamond McAllister
Diamond McAllister
portrait of Mica Chau
Micah Chau
portrait of Simon Willig with his dog
Simon Willig

Simon Willig, Micah Chau, Diamond McAllister

Environmental Justice in the Virginia Piedmont and Beyond (StoryMap)

Mentors: Tiffany Parker and Randolph Watsun

portrait of Carly Harris
Carly Harris
portrait of Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson and Carly Harris

Energy Efficiency Update (website articles)

Mentors: Bri West and Sophia Chapin

portrait of Liam Dolan
Liam Dolan
portrait of Janis Arrojado
Janis Arrojado

Janis Arrojado and Liam Dolan

Restoring Bolton Branch (StoryMap)

Mentor: Claire Catlett

Interested in learning with PEC in 2022? Learn more about the fellowship program and how to apply here.