Madison Update — Dec 2014

Text from our Dec 2014 Member Newsletter:

In partnership with local landowners and Trout Unlimited, PEC recently completed a survey of 124 road crossings along several high quality trout streams that flow out of Shenandoah National Park into the Piedmont region. Madi­son County waterways surveyed in the study were funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and include the Conway River, Rose River, Strothers Run, Garth Run, Kinsey Run, Rob­inson River and the Hughes River. 

Stream crossings, such as culverts perched above the natural streambed, often serve as barriers to brook trout because, unlike other fish species, they cannot jump more than one foot. Replacing old crossings with fish-friendly versions has the potential to connect miles of habitat and improve the populations of this native species. Staff are currently prioritizing crossings for replacement and then plan to secure funding to work with landowners interested in upgrading their crossings to help local book trout populations flourish.