Strong Communities

A thoughtful approach to land use planning, paired with decision-making that balances growth and development with natural and cultural resource protection, is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant Piedmont region.

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Better Comprehensive Planning

Every locality in Virginia must express its goals in a Comprehensive Plan, a twenty-year vision which must be reviewed and/or revised every five years. These documents are of foundational importance for communities that wish to …
Developer Still Considering 275 Homes in Clevenger's Corner

Developer Still Considering 275 Homes in Clevenger’s Corner

Update: At its April public hearing, the Culpeper County Planning Commission made a recommendation to deny the rezoning by a vote of 9-0. With the resignation of Supervisor Tom Underwood and his replacement with former …
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Water Quality and Land Use

Water Quality and Land Use

Streams and rivers are likely to be healthy when at least 91% of the ground in their watershed remains permeable, allowing soil and plants to filter precipitation …
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"Poisoned Waters" Documentary on FRONTLINE

“Poisoned Waters” Documentary on FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith takes an in-depth look at Puget Sound and the Chesapeake Bay, and examines the growing number of hazards to human health and our nation’s waterways. Both PEC and partner group, the …
Unison Historic District Offers a Window to the Civil War

Unison Historic District Offers a Window to the Civil War

The village of Unison in western Loudoun, as if charmed in some way to keep from changing, is a quiet hamlet of well-kept old buildings, with many farmhouses, barns and churches that measure their age …
Big Growth in Greene

Big Growth in Greene

When Brian Higgins joined PEC’s staff as our first full-time field officer for Culpeper and Greene, this summer, he had to hit the ground running in Greene County. For one thing, the county is considering …