What does membership mean to you?

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aerial of robinson river in madison county
Robinson River in Madison County. Photo by Hugh Kenny.

Dear Supporter,

For us, membership is about forging long-lasting partnerships with people who care deeply about their communities. For almost 50 years, we have had the pleasure of working closely with some of the most engaged, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals who have helped shape the Virginia Piedmont into the incredible place that we know and love today.

This is why, during PEC’s March Membership Month, we ask you to become a member or renew your membership and we thank those of you who already have made your gift of support to PEC this year.

One of the great things about getting to know PEC members over the years is that each person is passionate about a unique set of issues. And because we are an organization with a broad mission, that diversity of interests makes us stronger and better able to respond to the needs in the counties we serve.

But there is still a common thread that connects every one of our members, supporters, volunteers, and staff at PEC: We love this place. We might love different things about it, but we share a common desire to protect and care for this region—its natural and historic resources, its individuals and communities, and the waterways, farms, fields and forests that make it so special.

Join our growing community of members!

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, PEC relies on donations to make our holistic work possible. We’re lucky to have members who support us for a variety of reasons:

“I give because seeing the endless sprawl in southeastern Loudoun in the ’90s piqued my interest and concern for land conservation. Over a decade ago, I was discussing this with a PEC member who told me I’d really like what the organization does. I had never heard of PEC, but after this conversation, I investigated and was thrilled to see there was a voice and venue for me to participate in this cause.” ~Trent Berger

“My husband and I looked at many places to retire to, but chose the Piedmont region! Was truly the right choice. We both believe strongly in protecting the land, environment, farms, water — all the work that PEC does!” ~Anna Fanning

“We really appreciate all that PEC does, and their focus on our local area is important to us. We particularly think all the work done to get conservation easements, to improve stream health, and to increase greenways and bike/trail connectivity in our area is wonderful.” ~Dave and Emily Luebke

“Even though I live in Los Angeles, I support PEC because my sister lives in the Virginia Piedmont, and I have visited there regularly for more than 35 years. My heart is in those mountains. PEC reminds us that we have the power to influence our local, regional and state decision-makers. And as PEC members, we have something we all can agree on: the necessity of preserving the Piedmont for future generations.” ~Sarah S. Forth

Whatever brought you to be on our email list, I hope you share our strong belief in the value of informed citizens who take action to protect the place they love. If you are not already a member of PEC, consider joining our community today! If you are a member, I thank you for your support and ask you to consider forwarding this message on to someone else you know who also loves the Piedmont.

Together, we can continue working to make this place we love even better.Annual membership begins at $40. You can also renew your membership by becoming a monthly sustaining member for as little as $10/month!


Karissa Epley
Associate Director of Development
The Piedmont Environmental Council

P.S. Check out our upcoming virtual Quarterly Keynote with D.C. Central Kitchen Mike Curtin on March 30! About this Event The first installation of a new event series, PEC’s Quarterly Keynote webinars will feature a different speaker and topic each quarter.