Expanding Beef Cattle Profitability in VA’s Northern Piedmont

A new option:

Efficiencies in cattle and pasture management, grazing, and transit, processing, even paperwork could increase returns to producers and the region.  Processing and sales volumes could greatly increase. Additional acreage would be employed in grazing cattle retained in the region. Total returns to the regional economy would increase.

    • With intensive custom grazing management cattle could gain 2 lbs per day over a two year period on Virginia Piedmont Pastures (ADG>2 lbs).

    • With organization the beef sector could organize and diversify to graze calves and stockers to finish (for grain and grass-fed markets) in small groups sized to trailers.

A facility scaled to process the trailer-sized groups/lots will be able to meet high demand for local beef, with one day each week reserved for custom slaughter for small farms that direct market.

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