A Broad List of Opposition to the Outer Beltway

A list of groups who have opposed the Outer Beltway, and a list of elected officials who have publicly opposed or expressed concern. 

*this list is a work in progress. If you would like to add your organization or your name to the elected officials list, please contact pec@pecva.org*

Elected Officials Who Have Publicly Opposed or Expressed Concern About the Outer Beltway

  • Prince William County: Gainesville District Supervisor Pete Candland
  • Prince William County: Occoquan District Supervisor Michael C. May
  • Prince William County: Potomac District Supervisor Maureen S. Caddigan
  • Delegate Hugo
  • Delegate Marshall
  • Delegate Webert 
  • Senator Black
  • Senator Stuart
  • Senator Vogel
  • Congressman Wolf (*Congressman Wolf sent a letter to Governor McDonnell expressing ‘serious reservations’ about the project)

Groups/Organizations Who Are Opposed to the Outer Beltway

Read the Nov 20, 2013 letter from a number of these organizations to Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe. The letter highlights some of the environmental arguments against pursuing the Bi-County Parkway (a key piece of the Outer Beltway) — particularly the air, water and climate impacts.