Mintbrook Proposal Passes

Update: The Mintbrook proposal was up for public hearing April 12th. Although there were a number of community members present who spoke against the proposal, it was approved with a 3-2 vote.

The Mintbrook development would be located across from Liberty High School. The rezoning is for 475 residential units, a 50,000 sq ft big-box retail center, and 3 drive through facilities. The developer also wants to increase the service district by 78 acres to accommodate new school sites, a fire station site, and a number of other facilities (all of which the county would need to build and fund long-term).

New changes have been submitted in which the developer has made some improvements to the proposal, however, the some of the main concerns remain.

In the latest submission of proffers, the developer has responded to concerns that the commercial development could wind up being little more than a grocery store, a bank, and a fast food restaurant. Now, the proffers are worded to guarantee that a specific portion of the commercial development along the internal main avenue is built thereby creating more of a shopping center design rather than strip mall style development. In addition, the applicant has included in its proffers to construct a new Bealeton Fire and Rescue station within the site.

Please email Diana Norris (, PEC’s Fauquier Field Officer, with any questions.