Comprehensive Plan Amendments Happening in Fauquier

It can be easy to tune out these updates, but revisions to the ‘Comp Plan’ can mean drastic changes to the look, feel, and functionality of your county, town, and day-to-day life. This is because the Comp Plan is the community’s most important document regarding land use, growth, development, transportation, and resource utilization.

This document is a community’s road map for the future. It projects needs and trends over the next twenty years, and every locality in Virginia is required to have one. A Comp Plan covers topics as basic as where to place crosswalks, and as detailed as specific policies to address water conservation. Although this Plan is not legally binding, it’s intended to guide all local policy and to serve as legal justification for a City or County’s decisions on proposed projects and development.

State law requires that Comp Plans be reviewed, and potentially revised, every five years. During this revision process, there’s often a temptation to allow for a major increase in new development and expanded non-agricultural commercial activities in the rural area—particularly during a down economy.

Due to the importance of these documents, and the potential impact of revisions, PEC follows this process closely in our nine-county region. Our staff contribute comments and suggestions at public meetings, and we keep citizens informed as to what proposed changes could mean for their community. Most importantly, PEC works to assure that the revision does not eliminate or alter current policies that PEC has long supported and worked hard to maintain. PEC wouldn’t be able to do this without citizen participation, so be sure to attend the public meetings concerning Fauquier County’s Comp Plan!

Current Comprehensive Plan Updates: Natural and Historic Resources Plan, Chapter 2 Update

The County has had initial kick off meetings in Marshall, Warrenton, and Bealeton. There will be additional meetings about these amendments but at this point the County is trying to get feedback through the online surveys linked to below. The County plans to have completed this update by Spring 2014.

>> Community Surveys Available Online
>> Natural Resource Survey
>> For more information

Staff Leads:

Wendy Wheatcraft, Preservation Planner

David Ek, Environmental Planner

Opal Service District Plan Update

The Opal Steering Committee has been meeting for about a year and has developed a plan that is ready for public review. Although PEC supports aspects of the plan, we also have several concerns about what the plan proposes.

We support the proposed layout of the land use plan which includes a central core that straddles Route 29 north of the Opal Rd/Route 17 intersection. We also feel that the right in/right out intersections on Rt. 29, the parallel backage roads, and the planned bridge over Rt. 29 make up a well thought-out and cost effective solution to the challenging transportation problem in Opal.

Our three primary concerns are the continued expansion of the Opal Service District, the proposal for new zoning districts that eliminate special exception and permiting requirements, and the lack of a plan for the provision of adequate water service in the district.

>> Concerns Regarding Opal Service District Draft Plan

For more information…

Public Meeting about the Opal District Plan
December 4th, 2013 6:30pm
Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel Street, Suite 208
Warrenton, VA 20186

>> Opal Service District Committee Information Online

Staff Lead:

Susan Eddy, Chief of Planning

New Baltimore Service District Transportation Plan

A draft plan (dated March 1, 2013) was prepared with input from the New Baltimore Citizen Planning Committee but was not widely accepted by the broader community when presented at the community meeting on April 30th, 2013. The draft plan is currently being reviewed, discussed and amended. To do this the County is collecting survey responses, linked below, from residents, businesses, and stakeholders. This planning activity will continue into the Fall of 2013.

>> New Baltimore Community Survey
>> New Baltimore Service District Transportation Planning Website

Staff Leads:

Kimberley Fogle, Director of Community Development

Chris Pettit, Staff Planner

Telecommunications Plan (update initiated but no movement yet)