Webinar: Open Spaces & Public Places

PEC President Chris Miller gave this webinar on the importance of local parks, trails and open spaces, both during the pandemic and after.

Chris Miller wrote a Virginia Mercury op-ed in late March about people flocking to parks and trails as a way to get exercise and fresh air during times of social distancing, which forced some parks to close their gates to visitors. He emphasized the importance of accessing nature and the need for more of these spaces.

His article took off on social media and was widely shared by conservation groups and individual nature-lovers alike. The op-ed focused on the fact that parks, trails and open spaces do not happen by accident. We need to plan and fund these resources as a local, state, and federal priority.

It also highlighted PEC’s sustained efforts across the region, from playing a lead role in advocating for the Emerald Ribbons concept in Loudoun County to expanding access to the incredible resources along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Sky Meadows State Park, to enhancing local recreational opportunities in Gordonsville and Charlottesville.