Solarize Stories: Alisa Johnson of Oakham Farm

This video was posted to our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram pages on 6/19/20.

Each year, residents and businesses within The Piedmont Environmental Council’s 9-county service area can take advantage of Solarize Piedmont, a cooperative program to bring solar power to more people in the commonwealth. The campaign provides residents and businesses with pre-negotiated rates with pre-approved installers. If you have been thinking about putting solar power on your home, farm, or business, this is a great opportunity to find out if it will work for you and take advantage of some very competitive pricing. 

The Solarize Piedmont campaign is led by The Piedmont Environmental Council and Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). The 2021 campaign runs from May 3 – June 30. Learn more at

More about Oakham Farm:

Oakham Farm™ began in the 18th Century on a road established in ancient times by pre-Columbian Americans. With the work of enslaved people, it grew into a prosperous, diversified Virginia plantation that was a microcosm of the antebellum south, a self-contained community with workshops, fields, an orchard and a mill. As Oakham Plantation™ it was a hotbed of confederate partisanship during the civil war and the birthplace of Mosby’s Rangers. During the roaring 1920’s it was the domain of a strong, progressive woman who was a leader in the community, a philanthropist, and a pioneer in preserving the unmatched beauty of the Virginia piedmont. Now, in the 21st century, Oakham is once again a self-sufficient powerhouse, fueled by the sun and by women and men of diverse backgrounds who share a vision of sustainability, diversity, sanctuary and plenty.