Petition: Don’t Remove Disclosure Requirements For Fracking Chemicals

fracking siteFracking rig. Photo by Ted Auch, Fractracker Alliance

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Dear Supporter,

I wanted to share a petition with you that is picking up steam across the state. It calls on the state’s Freedom of Information Advisory Council – a state agency responsible for resolving disputes related to the Freedom of Information Act – to keep disclosure requirements for fracking chemicals in place in Virginia. A subcommittee of the Advisory Council meets later this month to discuss the issue.

We have the right to know what’s in our water. For three years in a row, the Virginia General Assembly has rejected industry attempts to roll back important chemical disclosure rules. However, legislation that is currently sitting in a subcommittee of the Advisory Council could end up back in front of the General Assembly for a fourth year in a row. Enough is enough. Sign the Petition >>


Over the last five years, the debate about hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) has increased around the country. And in Virginia, we now have some improved standards for in-state fracking, including water testing before and after drilling, and the full disclosure of chemicals pumped underground during drilling.

Peer-reviewed studies link fracking chemicals to a variety of health concerns including respiratory and neurological problems, several cancers, and endocrine disruption connected to cancers, infertility, and birth defects.

The oil and gas industry argues that details about these chemicals are proprietary and revealing what they are gives away valuable business information. However, our right to know what’s being injected into the ground and waters of Virginia is more important. It is also critical information for first responders, localities, local residents and property owners with these drilling rigs on their land.

fracking impoundment

Crew repairing the liner of a water impoundment at a fracking site. Photo courtesy of the Fractracker Alliance.

Take Action

Please join with citizens across Virginia by signing on to our petition asking for chemical disclosures to remain in place. The same text is being shared by other members of the Virginia Conservation Network, including the Sierra Club, Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Friends of the Rappahannock, Lynnhaven Now and many more.

When you take action through our campaign, a copy of the text will be sent to your state legislators and to Governor Northam’s administration. Our partners and allies will also be delivering the list of signatories to the Freedom of Information Advisory Council at the end of June. Add your name >>


Dan Holmes
Director of State Policy
The Piedmont Environmental Council