What is needed to make Loudoun an even better community in the future?

The answers to this question and two follow-up questions posed during the Envision Loudoun “Listening and Learning” round of public input have been tallied and categorized by theme. More than 1,400 people provided over 5,000 comments through 6 live meetings, online participation and phone input. 8 primary themes and many other sub-themes have emerged.

Distribution of Input graph
Envision Loudoun update February 2017. Full presentation

The topics were then analyzed to determine the percentage of responses for each theme:

  • Transportation — 23.3%
  • Built Environment — 22.5%
  • Environment & Agricultural Heritage — 15.4%
  • Lifestyle — 11.6%
  • Jobs & Business — 6.4%
  • Housing — 4.6%
  • Community Infrastructure — 4.3%
  • People — 4%

Governance and Implementation and Schools and Education Policy are other themes outside of the focus of the Comprehensive Plan that emerged but will not be addressed through this process.

On February 20th, 2017 the stakeholder committee, which I serve on as a PEC representative, further identified the most resonant topic areas that emerged from each primary theme. Then, in separate breakout groups we created a vision statement for each theme. See the results and the staff explanation of the proposed plan organization and timeline for next steps as presented to the Board of Supervisors last Thursday. View all of the public input in the related staff report: https://www.loudoun.gov/index.aspx?nid=3426

The consultants have also produced a ‘Foundations’ report to provide the basis for understanding the “conditions, trends and current policies” that impact the County and to understand the role of the plan. It is written to consider how development, fiscal sustainability, environmental quality and quality of life come together and impact each other.

The Stakeholder Committee meets again on March 6 and March 20, 2017. Our next task will be to develop an overall vision statement for the revised plan.