Proposed Cell Tower at Mickie Gordon Memorial Park

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photo of cell tower with forests and mountains in background
A monopole cell tower in Fauquier County, similar to the one being proposed in Middleburg. Photo by Hugh Kenny/PEC

Dear Supporter,

Part of PEC’s mission is to preserve scenic landscapes and culturally sensitive areas. We often carry out this work by monitoring land development applications. Today, I am reaching out to let you know about a telecommunication tower proposal that has come to our attention because of its potential to threaten those resources.

A private development company has submitted plans to construct a 150’ cell tower at Mickie Gordon Memorial Park along Route 50, in between Middleburg and the historic village of Aldie, on property owned by the Loudoun County Public Schools. Additional project information can be found on the Loudoun County website.

PEC believes the tower location is inappropriate and could negatively impact the visual character of the Route 50 corridor and its surrounding rural environment. Last year, Middleburg’s mayor and local residents also raised several concerns about the project when it went before the school board for approval. Since then, the proposed tower height has been reduced from 185 feet to 150 feet, and the tower has been relocated to the rear of the park. But community concerns, and ours, about the negative impacts of the tower remain.

aerial map with tower site marked in yellow at the northwest corner of Mickie Gordon Memorial Park
The proposed location for a wireless telecommunications facility at Mickie Gordon Memorial Park.

We urge you to help protect the area’s scenic landscape by sharing your own thoughts on this proposal at the planning commission public hearing next Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. There are numerous ways to participate, including writing an email directly to the planning commission at

As the proposal begins its legislative review, please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.


Evan McCarthy
Loudoun and Clarke Field Representative
(540) 347-2334 ext. 7044