Petition of Support for a Roundabout at Rt. 50 and Lenah Road

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Petition Text

Needed transportation improvements take time to be planned for, budgeted for and implemented. So I join with other residents in asking Loudoun County and VDOT to proceed towards implementation of a roundabout at the intersection of Rt. 50 and Lenah Road for the following reasons:

  • Due to the level of traffic, the existing stop sign at the intersection of Lenah Road and Rt. 50 creates a traffic hazard and accidents occur there regularly, particularly for drivers turning left to and from Rt. 50.
  • Drivers turning at the intersection often have long waits or must act quickly to get across the intersection.
  • Traffic on Lenah Road will get heavier as more development in the area occurs, creating an even bigger traffic problem in the future.
  • A traffic light at this intersection would stop traffic flow, cause back-ups, and negate the benefits of the roundabouts further west, particularly during rush hours.
  • A roundabout would immediately improve traffic and stay in keeping with the character of the area.
  • A conceptual design already exists for a roundabout in this location. It was developed during the planning phase of the Rt 50 calming project, but was not included at that time due to a lack of funding.
  • The Loudoun Board of Supervisors recently worked with VDOT to pay for and install a roundabout in Fairfax County to help solve Loudoun traffic problems.
  • In order to qualify for funding and construction, a roundabout first needs to be included in the Countywide Transportation Plan and then prioritized.

Please move swiftly to address this increasingly dangerous intersection and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

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