Loudoun Development Tracker

Loudoun County continues to be one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in the nation. Therefore, both the number and types of development applications filed each month can be overwhelming. In an effort to track development applications that could impact important natural, cultural and historic resources, as well as the quality of life for Loudoun residents, PEC has created a shared spreadsheet that anyone can view.

Once inside of the spreadsheet, if you would like to learn more about a specific development application, you can click on the provided link and be redirected to Loudoun’s Online Land Application (LOLA) system. This online platform, provided by Loudoun County, hosts all of the various files associated with an application.

During the most recent Comprehensive Plan public input process, Loudoun residents raised concerns about the shortages of public parks and trails. In response, PEC and partner organizations proposed Emerald Ribbons, a countywide system of linear parks and trails. The spreadsheet includes a column that tracks potential Emerald Ribbons opportunities that could be explored during the land development application process.

As you will see, there are many different types of development applications. If you have any questions about an application, you can reach out to the project manager listed on LOLA or get in touch with PEC’s Loudoun Field Representatives, Evan McCarthy (emccarthy@pecva.org) and Gem Bingol (gbingol@pecva.org).