True North Data – Wrong Direction for Loudoun

The following text was pulled from a PEC email alert that was sent out on November 11, 2017. 

A Precedent-Setting Decision for Loudoun County

Dear Supporter,

As you may have seen in the news, there is an application pending for another data center in Loudoun, this time between Sycolin Road and the Dulles Greenway, directly adjacent to Goose Creek.

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The Transition Area is planned for lower density, low intensity uses. This helps protect sensitive natural resources and safeguard the water we drink.

What’s the issue? True North Data is being proposed on an environmentally sensitive site in Loudoun’s Transition Policy Area. At the same time, the Board of Supervisors is asking citizens what they would like for that area’s future as part of a Comprehensive Plan review.

It wouldn’t make sense to approve a major rezoning that runs counter to the current Comprehensive Plan, while in the middle of asking residents what they want in the next one. Loudoun residents have consistently affirmed their desire to maintain the Transition Policy Area plan as is, to protect natural resources and quality of life.

Weigh in with the Board of Supervisors

The applicants for the proposed data center are asking the Board of Supervisors to rezone land in the Transition Area from 10-acre residential to office park zoning.

Please join me in protecting the community’s vision for the transition area by asking the board to reject the True North Data application. If you can’t make it to the hearing, send a letter today.

The Wrong Location…

True North Data is proposed for a 105-acre site between Sycolin Road and the Dulles Greenway. It is located directly on Goose Creek, just upstream of the public drinking water intake. There are moderate and severely steep slopes on the site that raise concerns about stormwater runoff, erosion and sedimentation.

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By counting setbacks and every little strip of grass around buildings, as well as the required 300-ft buffer on Goose Creek, the applicant claims it would preserve 58% open space. Download the County Staff Report for more detail >>

Other sensitive features include extensive forest cover with mature trees, wetlands, a pond, stream that drains to Goose Creek, floodplain, an extremely rare rock formation, and a half-mile of frontage on Goose Creek. All of this is at risk with something as intensive as a data center.

…and the Wrong Process

A decision to approve True North Data would set a bad precedent and undermine faith in the Comprehensive Plan revision process that is underway in Envision Loudoun. It would establish the tone for what can happen in the Transition Area now and into the future.

We encourage the Board to stand by its commitment to the public and protect the civic engagement process. Please send a letter asking the Board to deny the rezoning application!


Gem Bingol
Loudoun Field Representative
The Piedmont Environmental Council

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