A Great Day at Chapman DeMary Trail

We were excited to team up with The Nature Generation this summer on an educational/volunteer event at the Chapman DeMary Trail in Loudoun County.

19 students and educators from Indonesia were guided through water monitoring efforts by experts from The Piedmont Environmental Council, Loudoun Valley High School and Loudoun Watershed Watch.

First we divided the students and teachers into three groups so that more of them could get in the water and monitor the stream, then the groups looked at what they collected. Afterwards, they gave back by helping with 3 tasks on the trail –picking up trash, repairing a bridge and restoring the trail by adding mulch. Afterwards Amie from The Nature Generation gave them each a certificate of appreciation from the Governor for volunteers on the trail.

There was a nice write-up in the Purcellville Gazette! http://purcellvillegazette.com/nature-generation-works-with-indonesia-us-youth-leadership/

Each of the students/teachers are part of the Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Initiative