A Closer Look at TransAction Plan Projects in Loudoun

The draft NVTA TransAction Plan is a wish list of over 350 projects being considered for funding.

Though we strongly oppose the new Potomac River Bridge project (24) and the Bi-County Parkway (226), there are many good projects on the list that deserve consideration and support. Not surprisingly, these are the kinds of projects that the public has demonstrated support for through the Envision Loudoun process. I’ve listed out some of these projects in the tables below.

But, unfortunately, there are ALSO local road-widening projects that would contribute to the Bi-County Parkway corridor and others which would encourage more traffic and speeding through neighborhoods and communities. I’ve highlighted some of those projects below as well.

NOTE: The list below is not inclusive of all proposed Loudoun projects and many still need a closer look.

GOAL: Maximize use of Metro in Loudoun by completing transit, bike and pedestrian links to, and the road network around the stations to support the County’s huge investment.

TransAction Project ID #Project NamesProject Descriptions
14, 313Transit Connections to Silver Line Phase II Stations, Transit buses purchaseExpand bus service and connections to Silver Line Phase II stations. Provide feeder bus service between Metrorail and P&R lots. Purchase buses for new service.
10, 11, 16, 17, 131East Loudoun Park-and-ride lot (P&R), West Loudoun “Gateway” P&R, Leesburg North P&R, One Loudoun P&R, US 50 Dulles P&RConstruct 8 new park and ride facilities to get riders to transit buses and Metro
289Loudoun Metrorail Station Pedestrian ImprovementsConstruct sidewalks, crosswalks, shared use trails, and intersection improvements for pedestrian access to Metro
149, 150, 161,163, 183,144Prentice Drive Extension Prentice Dr.Extension to Greenway Transit Construct Greenway Loop Rd (Barrister St Construct Moorefield Blvd Extend Shellhorn Rd) Lockridge Rd improvements & connectionsThese create the road network to service the area around the Silver Line stations and support transit-oriented growth for more efficiency. They also help east/west commuters

GOAL: Reduce traffic congestion by managing traffic more effectively, completing missing east/west road links and intersection improvements in eastern Loudoun

TransAction Project ID #Project NamesProject Descriptions
61East-West ICM Program: Parallel Arterial Operations ImprovementsDeploy intelligent signal monitoring/control technology to improve travel on east/west arterials including US 50, VA 7
234, 309, 304, 314Extend and construct eastern segments of Russell Branch Pkwy VA 7 “hot spot” and safety improvements US 50 improvements, widening & interchangesComplete parallel roads to VA 7 help ease commuter congestion. Improve traffic conditions on US 50
120,192, 233East Loudoun Park-and-ride lot (P&R), West Loudoun “Gateway” P&R, Leesburg North P&R, One Loudoun P&R, US 50 Dulles P&RConstruct 8 new park and ride facilities to get riders to transit buses and Metro

GOAL: Move traffic smoothly on Route 15 and Route 9; improve safety and accessibility for residents

TransAction Project ID #Project NamesProject Descriptions
286, 190, 307Route 15 Congestion Mitigation Improvements & safety improvementsImplement congestion mitigation improvements, including roundabouts and reduction of backups on Rt 15 north of Leesburg
306, 323VA 9 “hot spot” and safety improvements VA Route 9 Traffic CalmingTogether these projects address safety, congestion & access from the County line to VA 7

NOT A GOOD IDEA: Many local road-widening projects are not suitable and have unintended consequences

TransAction Project ID #Project NamesProject Descriptions
153, 157Widen Riverside Parkway, Widen Battlefield ParkwayCompleting missing links is helpful, but six-laning invites too much traffic to go too fast through neighborhoods all along the road.
185, 186,187, 226Widen Belmont Ridge Rd segmentsThese 4 projects would widen Belmont Ridge Rd from Riverside Pkwy to Northstar, complete the missing piece of Northstar and then six lanes south to the County line for the Loudoun portion of the Bi-County Parkway.
165Widen US 50, Northstar to Lenah Loop RdThis is in the Transition Area where a roundabout is now being planned. It should be consistent with that plan.