AC44 Update: Nov. 7, 2023

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Dear Supporter,

On October 10, the Planning Commission held a work session on AC44 topics Environmental Stewardship, Parks and Recreation, and Historic, Scenic, and Cultural Resources. 

In that work session, two significant and positive milestones were announced. We learned that the County’s AC44 planning team is considering adding a standalone Rural Area chapter or a single chapter that covers the Rural Area and the Development Areas. The majority of the Planning Commission also expressed their support for a historic preservation ordinance.

As you know from the talking points we sent out prior to that meeting, these were two areas PEC specifically advocated for and believes have the potential to benefit the County tremendously. We cannot act on climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource management, and more if rural areas do not receive the same level of priority and attention to planning that the development areas have been given. 

Several advocates, including myself, spoke to this effect prior to the start of the meeting. Here are PEC’s public comments before the Planning Commission:

Source: Albemarle County Recording, Planning Commission Meeting 10/10/2023

Next AC44 Planning Commission Meeting

Tuesday, November 14 @ 6 p.m.
Albemarle County Office Building, 401 McIntire Road

But there’s still more to do! We encourage everyone who cares about what the future of Albemarle County looks like to participate – stay informed of what’s happening, write email to and, fill out questionnaires, and speak to the Commissioners directly at the start of every meeting, as shown in the video.

Questionnaires for Environmental StewardshipParks and Recreation, and Historic, Scenic, and Cultural Resources will remain open until the end of 2023. And with just 11 respondents by the start of the work session, the Commission would benefit from greater citizen engagement.

A reminder on this note to make sure to get out to vote today, Tuesday, November 7, 2023 – ultimately the decisions on the comp plan are made by the democratically elected Board of Supervisors who approve the Planning Commissioners work. Also, all 140 seats of the Virginia General Assembly (House of Delegates and State Senate) and other municipal level posts and initiatives are on the ballot.

Planning Ahead

Looking forward, the Draft Goals and Objectives for the November 14 work session topics, Housing and Economic Development have been released. We encourage you to look through the Topic Report and submit your feedback. Stay tuned for PEC’s talking points and recommendations on these. Land Use, Transportation, and Community Facilities will conclude the work sessions on December 19. 

Thank you!

Rob McGinnis, PLA FASLA
Senior Land Use Field Representative
Albemarle & Greene Counties
(434) 962-9110