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This guide provides the residents of the Virginia Piedmont with a listing of businesses, most of them local, that offer products and services that promote our native biodiversity! Go Native Go Local aims to strengthen the local economy and is a sister publication to our Buy Fresh Buy Local guide. If you use this guide, please let the businesses know that The Piedmont Environmental Council sent youDownload the 2015 Go Native Go Local Guide (PDF)


Native PlantsPlaces where you can purchase native plants and seeds.


= Nurseries that focus on Native Plants


Government agencies or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide wildlife technical support, cost-share, and other services to landowners in the state. Many of these agencies have local offices. State office telephone numbers are given.


The Piedmont Environmental Council

(540) 347-2334

Natural Resources Conservation Service

(804) 287-1691

Soil and Water Conservation Districts

SWCDs are organized by county or region. To find your district, visit http://vaswcd.org/map-of-districts

Virginia Cooperative Extension

(540) 231-5299

Virginia Cooperative Private Lands Wildlife Biologists


Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

(804) 786-6124

Virginia Department of Forestry

(434) 977-6555

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

(804) 367-1000

Why Plant Natives?

  • Plants are the foundation of wildlife habitat. Native plants provide better habitat for wildlife than non-native and ornamental plants.
  • Native plants have evolved with our ecosystem, which makes them easier to care for. They don't require fertilizer and don't use as much water as traditional garden plants.
  • Most natives have developed their own natural defenses against local diseases and pests.
  • Native plants can be just as showy as their traditional counterparts! There are native plants available for every type of garden or landscape.
  • Some non-natives can become invasive (e.g. Stiltgrass, Autumn Olive, Tree of Heaven)

Native Plant Lists

View a list of native plants, trees and seeds.


Get Listed

To obtain copies or be listed, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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