Help Protect Virginia’s Piedmont

Land conservation is critical to protecting the water we drink, conserving the farms that grow our food, providing habitat for plants and animals, and saving special places that have shaped our history and provide us with healthy places to hike, ride, and camp.

Three Ways You Can Get Involved

  1. Be a Conservation Advocate
    • Let your elected officials know you support strong land conservation policies and funding for the Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credit, land conservation grant programs, and agricultural best management practices.
    • Stay informed – an informed local citizenry, educated and empowered, can produce positive results.
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  2. Conserve and Steward Your Land
    • Permanently protect your land with a conservation easement and ensure that the beauty and abundance of the Piedmont will endure, not just for your children, but for your grandchildren and the generations to follow.
    • Learn how to manage your property to enhance the productivity of farm and forest land, improve water quality, increase wildlife and pollinator habitat, promote soil health, etc.
  3. Support Our Work

PEC’s Approach to Land Conservation

Photo by Marco Sánchez
  • We work at the local, regional and statewide level, along with many partner organizations across Virginia, to advocate for land conservation policies that (1) celebrate and preserve Virginia’s exceptional natural, historic, and scenic resources; (2) support the long term viability of agriculture and forestry, two of Virginia’s largest industries; and (3) ensure that there is a robust conservation “toolbox” so that landowners and communities can take direct action to protect their land and water resources.
  • We are on the ground, talking to landowners in the Piedmont and helping them act on their love for the land. As a result, residents of this region have voluntarily protected more than 430,000 acres.
  • We are directly involved in the conservation and long-term stewardship of land in the region, including the Piedmont Memorial Overlook and Roundabout Meadows. These properties complement both public conservation areas and permanently conserved private lands, providing a platform for demonstrating sustainable stewardship practices.

More About The Piedmont Environmental Council

This region, which includes several of the fastest growing jurisdictions in the nation, has faced serious challenges over the decades. Yet, the people of the Piedmont care deeply about it and have strived to protect its special places and natural values. In 1972, their energy, commitment and collaboration gave shape to The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC).

Now one of the most effective community-based environmental groups in the country, PEC works with the citizens of our nine-county region to conserve land, create high-quality communities, strengthen rural economies, celebrate historic resources, protect air and water quality, build smart transportation networks, promote sustainable energy choices, restore wildlife habitat, and improve people’s access to nature.

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