Western Bypass

The Western Bypass just north of Charlottesville was a $200-500 million road project that even VDOT studies showed wouldn’t relieve congestion on 29 North. All the same, proponents pushed hard to get the road built.</p

Video Shows the Real Solutions to Traffic Problems on Rt. 29

Nobody doubts the need to fix traffic problems on Route 29. But the proposed $250 million Western Bypass is not the answer—nor is it a done deal. View this video produced by The Southern Environmental Law Center to learn about more cost-effective alternatives that would provide greater benefits to the Charlottesville-Albemarle community. 


A Wasteful Bypass and a Better Plan

VDOT gave plans for the Charlottesville Western Bypass an F. So why spend half a billion dollars on it?

That's the question that PEC posed to Charlottesville and Albemarle residents though ads in local papers and a mailing that we sent to 15,000 homes — part of our full-on campaign to stop this wasteful bypass from moving forward ahead of better alternatives.