Battle of Jack's Shop

Battle of Jack's Shop


The Battle of Jack’s Shop took place in Madison, Virginia on September 21st, 1863, when Union and Confederate forces met while marching through Madison. The battle was very bloody, especially for the Southern forces, but ended inconclusively after the badly outnumbered Confederates successfully retreated. Only one other battle took place in Madison - the Battle of James City. But the constant presence of troops, both Union and Confederate, and the large numbers of men drafted into the Confederate Army took their toll on Madison’s economy and demographics.

The road and field on which the battle was fought were littered with dead and injured men from either side. The battle resulted in a very high rate of casualties, with about twelve to fifteen percent of combatants wounded or killed, compared to a fifteen percent rate for Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Full resolution maps of days one and two of the battle can be found by clicking on the maps embedded on this page.

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