What You Can Do

Yes, this project is being pushed by powerful forces, but there is still time to put up a fight. Many of the residents in the proposed route are unaware of VDOT’s plans (or have just learned about it) and have not had a chance to share their thoughts with legislators. Wasteful road projects have been defeated before, but only through citizens speaking up.

We will be continuing to provide you with up-to-date information through emails, community meetings, and postings to www.pecva.org/outerbeltway. We hope you help spread the word by:

Contacting Your Representatives

  • Your Congressman, Senator Tim Kaine, Senator Mark Warner, and your State Elected Officials to express your concern. We’ve created a letter-writing campaign that you can use.
  • Your local Board of Supervisors

Taking Action

  1. Speak out at public input opportunities
    • Oppose this $1 billion project
    • Ask for focus on your current commuter problems
    • Ask for local congestion solutions
    • Oppose more State funding for VDOT without reform and better priorities
  2. Participate in local planning – your voice can have an impact on decisions, particularly at the local level
  3. Talk to your neighbors and friends to spread the word. 
  4. Sign up for ‘Land Use & Transportation’ email alerts so we can keep you informed as new information becomes available